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Welcome to Zanoply

Hello, my name is Semsettin Karahan and I will be looking after you until we secure planning permission within 10 weeks.

Firstly, can we secure planning permission?

Before we discuss anything else, let me first conduct a planning feasibility report to ensure we can keep our promise, can you please send me the property address.

Good news, the report is positive

Now we know we can secure planning permission on principle, let me arrange the site survey for you. The personal record for our team currently stands at 19 minutes, however, I would recommend allowing for 60 minutes. If you are working, we can arrange it for the PM?

Our design is ready, what do you think?

We are a team of award winning designers who have a combined design experience of 12 years. Our company has developed and adopted systems to fully exhaust every possibility and ensure we maximise the space within an average of 10 working days. I am happy to finalise the documents for submission with your design confirmation.

Great, we have now submitted our planning application

As the first phase has been completed, we now enter the second phase. On average it will take the local authority one week to validated our documents and six weeks to make a decision. Did you know, due to our professional conduct in submitting planning applications, we have been accredited as a Smarter Planning Champion for 2017.

As promised, we have secured planning permission!

I will shortly send you the full set of approved drawings with the decision notice for your reference and a breakdown of the conditions as it may seem a little daunting at first. We now have 3 years to carry out the development, which is plenty of time to help prepare you for entering construction.

So, what is next?

Our service has technically ended, however, I have still shortlisted a trusted selection of structural engineers and contractors for you to assess before entering construction. If you have any questions or uncertainties as you progress please do not hesitate to call me and it will be a pleasure to grab a cup of coffee.

70% Referral Rate

We measure the success of our company from the success of our loyal client base who have consistently referred our service with their friends and family.

I can’t speak highly enough of my experience of Zanoply. When I think of the stress of dealing with people in the building and planning industry, it’s always a relief to get an email from Zanoply. On a professional level, Zanoply are a delight to deal with. They complete on time, they are responsive and very polite and upbeat whether in person, by email or on the phone. In terms of product, they take planning applications to a new level. As well as traditional planning drawings, Semsettin’s stunning 3D full colour designs allow a vision of the proposal that draws you in and lets you see how the space will work – and to imagine living there. I’ve never seen such a rich level of architectural detail. You want to grab a bottle of wine and sit on the roof terraces he draws. Thoroughly recommend and happy to discuss.

Planning Application
Ms Bussmann

Zanoply is beyond an architecture company, they are truly leaders in securing planning permission with their strategical approach. The level of standard, professionalism and quality within a short time frame is highly appreciated and will definitely be valuable for our upcoming developments. We have already recommended their services to our friends and family.

Planning Application

I used Zanoply for my planning application. I found them professional, courteous and helpful. I can definitely recommend, and will use for any future projects

Planning Application
Mr Dorothy

Zanopy were actually very professional and helpful in helping me secure my planning permission and I have actually recommended them to a friend. Great job

Planning Application
Mr Adesakin


Collaborate with 12 years of design experience

Property Investor

Invest in a proven track record


Submit your site address to request and read your planning feasibility report within 60 minutes.


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