Can a home extension save you the cost of relocating…

Sadly enough the young ones will never stay the same size nor will they peacefully sleep in the same bedroom as their siblings. The first solution may be to relocate into a larger home, however, your budget does not allow it… I have listed 4 alternatives below you need to inform your decision.

1. Increase the size of your existing bedrooms by optimising your layout

The average Victorian London home has on average served 6 families before you moved in therefore remodelling your home can be a no-brainer. A pragmatic approach would be to establish the rooms that you occupy the most and shortlist the top 3. A good designer will then be able to merge the small spaces with the least structural impact on your property.

Estimated cost: £700 per m2.

Is planning permission required?: No, if you property does not fall within a Conservation Area nor is listed.

2. Convert your garage into a bedroom.

This may seem like a no-go because on average within London we own at least one car per household. However if your property has an unused front forecourt, you can apply for a dropped kerb to create off-street car parking which seems like a small exchange to provide your home with another bedroom. When converting your garage into a habitable space, the three key points to consider are:

  • Minimum headroom of 2.1m*.
  • Insulation
  • Waterproofing

Estimated cost: £800 per m2.

Is planning permission required? Yes, under Permitted Development.

*Subject to your local authority, can range from 2.1m to 2.3m.

3. Add another two with a double storey home extension.

As the name suggests, a double storey extension gives you the ability to extend both floors. It is important to bear in mind that it can only be half the width of your property therefore the position of the extension should be placed to best support the existing configuration and plumbing.

Estimated Cost: £1,200 per m2.

Is planning permission required? Yes, under Permitted Development subject to a 7m distance from the rear boundary wall.

4. Create one more with a dormer extension.

Adding a second floor to your home can be as simple as converting your loft. To ensure you can carry out your development you should check whether there is a minimum headroom height of atleast 2.1m and your property is not on a corner-plot. If the answer is yes to both, a designer with a good attention to detail will carefully place the staircase on the first floor to ensure it compliments your existing layout and provides a headroom of at least 1.9m.

Estimated Cost: £1,100 per m2.

Is planning permission required? Yes, under Permitted Development.

If your budget does not match your ambition to move, one of the cost-effective home extension solutions above will help you to add that much-needed space to your home without relocating. Send us an email with the subject ‘More Space’ to help you create a plan that works. 

*For small scale development subject to property.

Semsettin Karahan is the architectural designer at Zanoply Ltd. As a graduate of the Oxford School of Architecture, Semsettin has been shortlisted and featured in a number of exhibitions; publications. He worked for the top architects within London as a designer and an associate director on a range of design builds ranging from residential to commercial projects. At the age of 22, Semsettin secured his first private planning permission for a residential flat conversion. A year later he became the youngest designer in London to proposed and construct a new-build dwelling. Semsettin’s attention for detail derives from his 7 years of experience within the design industry from being the Editor at OSA, Photographer at Cowley News and leading installation builds as a set designer, product designer for film companies and International drinks manufacturers.

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