How to go from homeowner to property developer?

If you are the freeholder of your home, you are halfway there to becoming a property developer… I have listed the key points below on how our smarter homeowners are converting their properties into a passive income by securing planning permission and becoming a property developer. Despite Brexit being...

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6 popular loft conversion developments for your home

The London planning application guide for your loft conversion After years of neglect an empty loft tends to collect cardboard boxes peppered with dust. It may seem obvious to grab your step ladder and a vacuum cleaner, however, the thought of accidently stepping through your bedroom ceiling is not reassuring. The...

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7 simple solutions to optimize your London flat conversion

The minimalist approach to your flat conversion… The cost of purchasing a property within London has sky-rocketed within this decade and shows no signs of slowing down. A smart solution, from relocating, would be to make use of what you have by maximising your available space… I have listed...

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