Have you received a refused planning permission within the past 12 months?

After 8 weeks of waiting, getting a refused planning permission can be disappointing. To help you understand the decision process, I have listed a few key points below on how to assess your chances of a resubmission.

First, let’s understand how your case officer has come to their decision. Each planning application is assessed on design and on principle. In the design category, there are two key segments:

  • Scale: The height, width and depth of your proposal in relation to your existing property.
  • Appearance: Matching the existing fenestration and architectural features of the existing property.

Now, within the principle category:

  • Article 4 Direction: Your local authority has imposed a restriction within a conservation area to prohibit certain development types such as Housing Multiple Occupancy C4 Use Class.
  • Loss of Family Dwelling: Resulting in the loss of a 3 bedroom family unit through a conversion or change of use.

Makes sense right?

If your planning permission has been refused on a poor design which is not compliant with the local and national planning policies, there may be an opportunity for us to optimise the proposal and supporting documents to rectify the refusal.

The procedure for this would be as followed:

  • Local authority fee: Free submission within 12 months.
  • Assessor: Local authority.
  • Timeframe: 8 to 13 weeks.

And, if the planning permission has been refused on principle, we can clearly highlight the reasons behind the decision and diligently create a bullet-proof planning appeal to secure planning permission which we currently retain a 99% approval rate for.

The procedure for this would be as followed:

  • Local authority fee: Free submission within 12 months.
  • Assessor: Private planning inspectorate.
  • Timeframe: 6 months.

If you have received a refused planning permission in the past 12 months, contact our planning permission expert on info@zanoply.co.uk to revive your project with a design that utilises the latest planning policy, informative representation, and concrete documentation.

Semsettin Karahan is the architectural designer at Zanoply Ltd. As a graduate of the Oxford School of Architecture, Semsettin has been shortlisted and featured in a number of exhibitions; publications. He worked for the top architects within London as a designer and an associate director on a range of design builds ranging from residential to commercial projects. At the age of 22, Semsettin secured his first private planning permission for a residential flat conversion. A year later he became the youngest designer in London to proposed and construct a new-build dwelling. Semsettin’s attention for detail derives from his 7 years of experience within the design industry from being the Editor at OSA, Photographer at Cowley News and leading installation builds as a set designer, product designer for film companies and International drinks manufacturers.

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