At Zanoply we only specialize in securing planning permission for our clients on a monthly basis, mainly in and around London, covering Islington, Camden, Westminster, Lambeth, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Hackney and the City of London. This has allowed us to ensure a proficient execution with each application prepared.

Every space that we create can be fully visualized through 3D floor plans and developed into three design options. We are the minority that has an open-channel to real-time planning feedback from a Conservation Officer. When preparing an application it is compiled with the mandatory documents as a foundation that is supported by supplementary document then layered with planning policy affirmations and bound with rigorous design.

By focusing primarily on London planning permission, we have been able to successfully deliver consistent outcomes to our clients for small to large residential developments with confidence. All project briefs are vetted with a feasibility study before any project is accepted. Despite having a 100% track-record thus far for all accepted projects, we do not believe in a guaranteed decision therefore at Zanoply we will suggest a 99% approval rate.

Semsettin was the youngest in London to design and construct a new build dwelling.

As a graduate of the Oxford School of Architecture, Semsettin has been shortlisted and featured in a number of exhibitions; publications.

He worked for the top architects within London as a designer and an Associate Director on a range of design builds ranging from residential to commercial projects.

At the age of 22, Semsettin secured his first private planning permission for a residential flat conversion. A year later he became the youngest designer in London to propose and construct a new-build dwelling.

Semsettin's attention for detail derives from his 7 years of experience within the design industry from being the Editor at OSA, Photographer at Cowley News and leading installation builds as a set designer; product designer for film companies and International drinks manufacturers.

After accumulating a wealth of experience, skills and methodologies through out the design industry he has been able to effortlessly take his clients from A to Z with quality; efficiency.

Semsettin Karahan BA(Hons) BArch

Architectural Designer

"We have gathered research and methodologies from all corners of the build environment to take your project from A to Z with excellence.”

- Semsettin Karahan BA(Hons) BArch
%name Planning Feasibility Report

Feasibility Study

Before we accept a project we undertake a feasibility report to ensure the viability of your project. The primary criteria we assess each site on are the local planning policies, public transport rating, local amenities and environmental site constraints.

This will vary from site and property however will give you a strong indication on viability of your project in securing planning permission.

Design Detail

The term good design has been used excessively therefore detaching it from its true meaning. The power of good design allows for you to rethink the way you use a material and implement a structural component into a space.

A good designer has the ability to create a cost effective layout that can reduce your construction margins by 10% and reinvest quality fixtures if you are a homeowner or as profit if you are a property developer.

  • Approved
  • Refused

Approval Rate

At zanoply we prepare and submit planning applications for Permitted Development, Listed Build Consent, Commercial Change Use and Residential Developments.

One key area we market ourselves on is our success rate. We have receive planning permission for all of our planning applications submitted. Despite our track record of excellence we still propose a 99% approval rate as an architectural practice cannot guarantee an outcome.

Small Practice

At Zanoply we are a lean-team of specialists who are able to solve design constraints to win approval with the least amount of extras. The benefits of this for you is that your project is not 'a' project it is 'the' project for us. Each planning application is hand-crafted by a team not an individual. This allows us to leave no stones un-turned an invest in the approval of each application which is submitted.

Being a small practice, we are also non-VAT registered which allows for you to invest in quality.


3D Floor Plans

Each project is faced with a different set of parameters and therefore a unique design. We believe that a simple line drawing does not do the spatial qualities justice.

Each project is complimented with a set of 3D floorplans to give you a good indication of what to expect despite being in the planning stage only. This would give you a strong start in refining the ideas that you have for when you enter the latter stages of your development.

Smarter Planning Champion

We have been selected to become accredited with the Smarter Planning Champion status for adhering to the best practice when submitting planning applications. This recognition assists the local authorities to process our applications much more efficiently allowing for a seamless transition to approval.


Conservation Specialist

We are pleased to say we have partnered with a Conservation team which allows for real-time consultation on planning policies. If your property falls within a Conservation Area or is a Listed Building, your project will have the additional expertise of the Conservation specialists to help inform the design of your development.